Why Was David the Only One Released from Jail?

Season 3 Episode 305
Aired on 02/03/2016 | CC tv-14
While Veronica and the Cryers are still behind bars, waiting to be charged with the cover-up of Wyatt's fatal hit-and-run, David is allowed to walk free. David asks District Attorney Jennifer Sallison why she let him out while the others remain locked up.

"For the record, I didn't get you out," she says. It was Maggie Day who pulled the strings that got David released.

Jennifer, still harboring romantic feelings for David, jealously pries into David's history with the attractive blonde who went to such great lengths to free him. David denies any illicit relations with Maggie.

Now that he's out, all David wants to do is see his son, Jeffery, whom the DA will surely press for testimony against his parents and the Cryers. David demands that Jennifer allow him to speak with his son.

"David, for his own protection, he has asked not to see you or your wife. I'm sorry."

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