War Prepares to Kill Benny If Candace Fails

Season 3 Episode 315
Aired on 07/12/2016 | CC tv-14
Candace is at the bank, trying to convince the loan officer, Lloyd Bowman, to bypass the waiting period and immediately give her the millions she needs to pay off Warlock. Luckily for Candace, the banker has been agreeable enough to expedite the large cash sum that Candace requires to save her brother's life.

Just then, War sends Candace a live video feed of himself sitting across from Benny at the tow yard. It's clear that Benny has no idea that War is brandishing a gun and is prepared to shoot him if Candace fails to come through with his money.

Candace calls Warlock in a panic. When War answers, she asks Mr. Bowman to get on the line and confirm that the money is on its way. The banker does as Candace asks, but War only seems to grow more aggravated, unsure of whether Candace has said too much.

To prove that the banker knows nothing about the ransom situation, Candace takes back her phone and talks to War in a casual tone, fabricating a fantastic (and less-sordid) story to explain their need for so much money so quickly: They're headed to Las Vegas, and War, whom she calls baby, has a plane waiting to take off on the tarmac, ready to sweep the couple off to Sin City and a big prizefight that War is promoting.

"I'm on my way, baby," Candace says into the phone. "Just hold on, okay?"

War hangs up the phone, and Benny, who has overheard War's side of the conversation, wants to know what all the drama's about. "You got one of them tricks acting up, huh?" Benny says.

With a malevolent look on his face, War plays along.

"Better put your foot down, bro," Benny says with a chuckle, completely unaware of the mortal threat posed by the man sitting across from him.

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