Veronica's Cold-Blooded Reaction to Melissa's Suicide Attempt

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 06/20/2017 | CC tv-14
Melissa is trapped. She knows Jeffery is gay but has been willing to fake their relationship so that Veronica continues to cover her sick father's hospital bills. But when Melissa's father passes away, she reaches her breaking point.

Jeffery is the first to discover Melissa laying in a pool of her own blood. In a panic, he rushes to wake up Veronica. "She slit her wrists," he says. "She's trying to kill herself, Mom."

Veronica is not pleased to have her beauty rest disturbed, but follows Jeffery into the bedroom. Without missing a beat, Veronica slaps Melissa across the face. "If you lose this baby after all the hard work I've done, you'll wish you were dead," Veronica seethes.

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