Veronica Walks Free While Jim's Bail Is Denied

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 02/23/2016 | CC tv-14
Jim and Veronica face a judge who will determine whether they can finally leave jail on bail. Unfortunately for Jim, his reputation has been publicly marred since news of the hit-and-run scandal went public, and no judge wants to associate with him, let alone do him a favor. The judge denies Jim bail, and he's forced to return to his jail cell.

Next, it's Veronica's turn to stand for her bail hearing. Trusting that her own legal savvy is better than that of any other attorney, she chooses to represent herself. When the judge questions Veronica about why she withheld information on the fatal hit-and-run, Veronica exploits a loophole of attorney-client privilege: She claims that providing the information would have incriminated her client and son, Jeffery. "Now, as an officer of the court, I was under no legal obligation to turn over that information," Veronica says.

The judge concurs, and Veronica is released on her own recognizance.

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