Veronica Walks Away from a Knife to the Heart

Season 3 Episode 317
Aired on 07/26/2016 | CC tv-14
"I'm dying here," says Veronica to the EMTs who have just arrived at the scene where Jeffery stabbed her in the chest.

"We're going to get you stable and then we'll transport you. Now, how long is this knife?" asks the emergency responder. Veronica answers, estimating the knife is six inches long.

"Less than an inch," Hanna, who has been a bystander to the whole scene, says without sympathy. "It's a paring knife," she adds, virtually rolling her eyes.

"There's not much blood," the female EMT tells the others, indicating that the injury isn't likely to be serious.

The male EMT then gives the room more information than Veronica would have liked. "Nope. It looks like it got the implant," he says.

Veronica tries to do some personal damage control by denying that she has breast implants.

The female EMT plays along with Veronica's obvious lie: "Well, if you did, it may have saved your life." She then asks Veronica if she's able to walk to the vehicle so that they can transport her to the hospital.

"Can I walk? I have a knife in my chest," Veronica responds incredulously. The EMT then pulls the shallowly embedded knife out of Veronica's chest without any pain or complication.

"Now can you walk?" The EMT asks her again. Veronica is escorted to the emergency vehicle by the EMTs, leaving Katheryn and Hanna alone. Hanna begins to laugh at Veronica's overreaction to what ended up being scarcely more than a flesh wound, but Katheryn isn't laughing along. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Cryer, I know I shouldn't be laughing," says Hanna, trying to suppress her laughter.

"My son is still dead, Hanna," Katheryn says to her in a very austere tone before ordering her to go home.

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