Veronica Threatens Jeffery with Violence: "No More Games"

Season 3 Episode 319
Aired on 08/09/2016 | CC tv-14
Veronica finds her son Jeffery at Wyatt's bedside at the hospital, where the young man remains in a coma. "Look at you, protecting your man," she chides Jeffery.

Jeffery gets angry and stands protectively in front of Wyatt. "I see that crazy look in your eye again," Veronica tells her son—referring to the look Jeffery had when he stabbed her in the chest.

Jeffery tries to assert himself as a danger to his mother, but Veronica isn't having it and insists that he come to her house the following day so they can pick up where they left off with his engagement party. Jeffery refuses to go along with her plan to control his love life.

"You will be at my house tomorrow at dinner, or the police will be at Candace's house with a search warrant," Veronica warns Jeffery. She then goes on to threaten him even further, this time with physical violence. "If you ever raise your hand at me in any way again, I swear on my dead father's grave and all of my stillborn children that what Quincy did to you will be a walk in the park compared to your next visitor."

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