Veronica: "This Is My House!"

Season 5 Episode 511
CC | tv-14
Veronica is outraged to find out that her ex, David, has already moved on. Not only did he buy a house to live in with his new girlfriend, Erica—but it's the same house that Veronica wanted to buy when they were together. Humiliated, she sends a brick through the front window of her former dream home. When David storms outside and orders her to never come to his house again, Veronica becomes unhinged.

"I remember when I brought you here," she says, looking around in disbelief. "And I told you how much I loved this house. And you said, 'We can't afford it, Veronica. We can't afford it.'"

"And you bought it," she continues, her anger building. "And you have her up in it. You bought this house and you have a whore living it in my house. This is my house, David!" Veronica screams. "This is my house!"

She tries to march inside, prompting David to hold her back. "You're beating me!" Veronica yells at the top of her lungs.

David has had enough. Along with violating her retraining order, Veronica is the reason their son is sitting in jail at this very moment. He wants Veronica out of his house and out of his life—but no one gets rid of the Ice Queen that easily. If it's a fight David wants, Veronica is prepared for a war.

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