Veronica Reveals Derrick's Dark Past

Season 5 Episode 517
CC | tv-14
Derrick shows up at Veronica's house after receiving a late-night call from the powerful attorney about an emergency repair she needs done. When he opens her front door, however, he finds her inside holding a drink and wearing a nightgown.

"I lied," Veronica says.

She tells Derrick she wanted to see him, but he's smitten with Hanna now and is clearly not interested in Veronica. "You did it before," she coos, draping her arm around him.

"Years ago," Derrick says, pushing back against her advances—but Veronica is relentless.

"Didn't I get you out of jail?" she asks. "Didn't I get you back on track? Hm? Didn't I get you that job with Katheryn and all my other girlfriends?"

Now, Veronica is collecting on Derrick's debt.

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