Veronica Puts on an Award-Worthy Performance for the Detective

Season 3 Episode 313
Aired on 06/28/2016 | CC tv-14
Veronica is brought in for questioning after a gunman shot and killed Maggie Day in Veronica's home.

"So, you had no idea anyone was in the house?" the detective says.

"How would I know that?" Veronica says, visibly distraught.

"Had you been in the house?"

"No, I came and saw the officer and went straight to him," Veronica tells her. Through her crocodile tears, Veronica bursts out in statements of grief, hoping to convince the detective that she truly cared for Maggie as a friend, and that she played no role in her murder. "Maggie Day. Oh, God, this is so terrible," she says.

Just then, David shows up wanting to speak with his wife, whom he recently learned had survived the attack at her house. "Your husband is out there," the detective tells Veronica.

"May I see him, please? I need to see my husband," Veronica says with urgency.

When David enters the room, Veronica emotionally collapses into his arms, sobbing and pulling him into a tight embrace. "The bitch is dead," she whispers icily so that only he can hear.

A stunned and wary David looks into his wife's eyes, as if seeing her for the first time.

"Take me home, sweetheart," Veronica says sweetly to him—loud enough for the detective to hear.

"Detective, I believe we are finished with your questions for now."

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