Veronica Pushes David Too Far

Season 5 Episode 519
CC | tv-14
Veronica has made it her mission to make David's life a living hell. After learning from Jeffery that his condo was ransacked, David is quick to assume that it was another one of Veronica's twisted schemes.

After a heated phone conversation about the condo, David storms over to his old home to find Veronica fooling around with R.K. David confronts Veronica over her ongoing criminal harassment of him, but she baits him further still. David warns Veronica to leave him alone, but she continues to provoke him by performing an impromptu, drunken song and dance, clapping and half-singing, "Whatcha gon' do?"

As Veronica begins to poke and slap him, David's anger is finally pushed past the boiling point.

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