Veronica Throws Melissa Out

Season 5 Episode 512
CC | tv-14
Veronica can hardly believe her eyes when she comes home to find Melissa straddling Benny on her living room sofa. While Benny is embarrassed at first, Melissa is downright gleeful to be caught with Veronica's boy toy. She hardly bats an eye when Veronica tells her to get the hell out of her house. As long as she's carrying her future grandchild, Melissa knows she can get away with anything she pleases.

"The world doesn't work like that, Veronica. You can't just put me out when you think you're done with me," Melissa growls. "You will pay me and take care of this child."

Melissa thinks she's untouchable, but Veronica isn't about to let one of her pawns control her kingdom. She grabs Melissa and pushes her towards the front door as Benny tries to break up the fight. Once she throws Melissa outside, Veronica composes herself and takes aim at her former lover.

"Benjamin, you just got on my bad side," Veronica seethes. "Welcome to Hell. Now I'm on the war path, and you're in my sight."

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