Veronica Introduces Herself to Officer Justin

Season 4 Episode 415
Aired on 07/18/2017 | CC tv-14
Officer Justin has just finished a private conversation with Jeffery in the hospital stairway—or so he thinks. Suddenly, Veronica steps out of the shadows to let Justin know that she’s heard every word. She warns him to stay away from her son, or she’ll file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Unfazed, Justin clearly has no idea with whom he’s dealing.

“Why don't you indulge me,” Justin says. “Who are you?”

“Where you been, girl?” Veronica asks. “You been under a rock? I'm Veronica Harrington, honey. And you will never bother my son again. You won't call him. You won't text him. You won't contact him in any way. Am I clear?”

Not one to take kindly to a threat, Justin tries to turn the tables on Veronica. He reveals that his wife happens to be the judge on Veronica’s upcoming trial. “My wife knows me,” he says. “She knows I'm not gay. You know what you should be more concerned about? Is what she'll say about you in your trial.”

Unfortunately for Justin, his plan backfires. Watch as Veronica proves she cannot be intimidated.

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