Veronica Stages Her Plan to Ruin Benny's Life

Season 5 Episode 513
CC | tv-14
After walking into her home to find Melissa on top of Benny, Veronica promised she would get even with her former lover. Not one to waste any time, she heads over to the jail to pay her dear son a visit.

Veronica presents Jeffery with a stack of papers and tells him to sign it. "You can get out of here, Jeffery," she tells him. "All you have to do is say that you are not the one who stabbed him."

Of course, there is one catch. When Jeffery finds out that he would need to testify that Benny committed Quincy's murder, he shakes his head. "I'm not going to do this to him," he says. "It was Candace. Benny was just trying to help her."

Jeffery may have a moral compass, but Veronica's is pointed due south. "Then you will stay in here," she says. "You will have a trial. You will go to prison. It will be about a year before you can even get an appeal. You will be caged just like this, all because you killed some thug and you refuse to give up another one. I love you son, but you know what? You a damn fool."

Veronica stands up and heads to the door while the weight of her words start to sink in. "Wait," Jeffery says. Will he sign the papers and seal Benny's fate?

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