Veronica Blackmails Jeffery with Proof of Quincy's Murder

Season 3 Episode 311
Aired on 03/15/2016 | CC tv-14
Veronica invites herself into Candace's house, where her son Jeffery has been staying. Still unwilling to accept that Jeffery is gay, Veronica continues to push an arranged relationship with a woman on him. "I want you and Melissa to move in with me until the wedding," she insists, leading Jeffery to believe that his mother has finally lost touch with reality.

Veronica then proceeds to calmly open a water bottle and sprinkle liquid all over the floor around her, causing Candace to demand that Veronica leave the house immediately. Veronica smirkingly leaves the property, but not before reminding Jeffery that she expects to see him the following day when he moves back in with her.

Candace and Jeffery are left bewildered, wondering what the purpose of Veronica's demonstration could have been. "Do you think it's poison?" asks Jeffery, but Candace knows Veronica is smarter than that. Suddenly, Candace's law-school education kicks into gear and she asks Jeffery to turn off the lights.

A phosphorescent substance glows where Quincy's blood was once spattered. "It's luminol...a chemical that detects blood," explains Candace.

Jeffery begins to panic: "What?! How does she know?"

"I don't know, but she knows," responds Candace.

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