Veronica and Hanna Learn That Melissa Is Dead

Season 5 Episode 523
Aired on 08/14/2018 | CC tv-14
Veronica and Hanna anxiously wait for the paramedics to arrive and try to save Melissa, who, just moments before, jumped from the top of Hanna's apartment building. Hanna is genuinely concerned about Melissa's well-being, but Veronica only cares whether her grandchild survived the fall.

Veronica is quick to blame Hanna for Melissa's actions and plans to exact her revenge. "That was my grandbaby," Veronica says, shaken.

"Somebody better come and get this woman!" Hanna exclaims as she moves away from Veronica.

"You know what, Miss Hanna, Miss Cussin' Christian?" Veronica replies. "I am going to get you for this. You have messed with the wrong person."

When the paramedics arrive, they confirm the worst: Neither Melissa nor the baby survived the fall. The paramedics, preparing to call the coroner, ask Veronica whether she is Melissa's next of kin. Her plans dashed, she coldly replies, "I don't know that bitch."

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