The Police Are Hot on Hanna's Tail

Season 3 Episode 321
Aired on 08/23/2016 | CC tv-14
Mrs. Cryer is harboring Hanna, the fugitive, and Qunicy Jr. in her home. When a police officer comes to Katheryn's door looking for Hanna, Katheryn lies on her friend's behalf, saying that she has no idea where her former employee could be. The cop takes Mrs. Cryer at her word and promptly leaves the premises.

Katheryn quickly absconds upstairs, where Hanna and Quincy Jr. have been hiding out. The child is fast asleep as Hanna watches over him. "You are off your rocker," says Katheryn to Hanna. "Kidnapping him?"

"I had to," Hanna explains.

"Your daughter was going to put that precious thing in foster care?" Katheryn asks, in disbelief. Hanna quietly agrees with Katheryn that Candace has lost her way.

"I am sorry to bring this to you. I didn't know what else to do," apologizes Hanna. "I shouldn't have done this. You could get in so much trouble."

"It's alright...Have you been around here the last few weeks?" jokes Katheryn. "Hanna on the run. Now, that's funny," laughs Katheryn, heartily, until she can barely breathe. "I needed that laugh, I'm sorry."

Then Hanna segues back to a more critical topic: "You know I can't go see Wyatt today, right?"

"I know," Katheryn replies, somberly. Hanna tells Katheryn that she ought to visit her son in the hospital, and Katheryn actually agrees this time.

"Is he looking better?" Katheryn asks, to which Hanna replies that he is.

"Then I'll go," Katheryn insists. The worried mother admits to Hanna that she's scared of the reaction she'll have to seeing her son in a coma: "Hanna, I know who I'll be when I walk in that hospital. But I don't know who I'll be when I walk out."

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