Tika Sumpter, Renee Lawless and John Schneider

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It turns out that Amanda has invited her friend to be present for the announcement. Jim tells Amanda it's a private moment, but Katheryn says Candace can stay, asking if she'd like a drink. "Hanna, that is your maid's name, right?" Candace says. "Hanna, can I have a sparkling water, please?"

An emotional Hanna leaves while Jim continues his announcement. "I have decided to run for governor," he says.

"Let's get the Champagne," Veronica says.

But Wyatt is not in the mood to celebrate. "Have we not forgotten how really screwed up this family is?" he says. "I've already had enough scrutiny growing up with this last name. This is just great."

Wyatt storms out with Jeffery right behind him. Candace gets up to leave, but Katheryn asks her to stay for dinner. "Actually, I have an appointment," she says. "I wish I could, but this meeting is very important, and if I'm not there, it could change a lot of people's lives."