Renee Lawless and John Schneider

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Told there is going to be a big announcement, Jeffery and Wyatt drive from the rehab center to the Cryer home. Katheryn is glad to see her son looking so well. "I'm proud of you," she says.

As they wait for David and Jim to come home with Amanda, Veronica notices a bracelet on Jeffery's wrist. "Take it off before your father sees it," she says.

Wyatt says he gave it to Jeffery. "It's just a bracelet," he says.

"No, it's fine Wyatt," Jeffery says. "My dad doesn't like me to wear anything like this."

Just then, Jim, Amanda and David arrive, and Jim begins to reveal the real reason he's called everyone to together. "After giving it much thought, I wanted to gather my family, my loved ones and my dear, dear friends here to—"

The doorbell stops Jim in his tracks. Hanna opens the door to see her daughter standing on the stoop. "Sorry, I'm late," Candace says. "Getting a cab in this town is awful. I have got to get a car."

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