Crystal Fox

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Although Hanna and Celine have the day off, they're still tending to the Cryers' needs. Celine is going on vacation, and Hanna needs to learn how to cook the lentil soup they like.

Hanna's phone rings. It's Katheryn, and she wants Hanna to come in at the last minute. Katheryn wants Celine to come in too, and Hanna tells Katheryn they're together.

Before they can leave, there's a knock. Hanna opens the front door to find a sheriff on her stoop. "I'm looking for Benjamin Young," he says. "This is a foreclosure notice. You will have seven days to vacate the premises."

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Later, at the Cryer residence, Katheryn gives Hanna and Celine instructions to prepare dinner to celebrate a big announcement. When Katheryn leaves, Hanna breaks down. "He must have taken out the mortgage," she says. "I would have expected this from Candace but not Benny. He's a good boy."

"Don't you jump to conclusions," Celine says. "Wait till you find out the truth."

"I know the truth. He mortgaged my house," Hanna says. "I want to know why. Lord Jesus, help me."