John Schneider

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Meanwhile, David knocks on Jim's door. "How did it go?" Jim says.

"Not good," David says, updating Jim on his conversation with Candace.

"Great, I only have three hours to get her the money," Jim says. "I need to figure out how to move this money without my damn wife asking too many questions."

David has an idea. "Your son's treatment at my wife's facility is going to have to be extended," he says. "And that extension is going to cost $100,000."

"How do I explain to my banker and my wife that you need it in cash?" Jim asks.

"Tell him I have an IRS problem," David says.

Before Jim calls the bank, David asks him never to see Candace again. "You know, Katheryn and I are married for the public," he says. "I have needs."

"There is nothing wrong with having needs. It's how you fulfill them that can be tricky," David says. "I know that a moment like this can have you call a few things into question. I know this is a bit of a midlife crisis, but now is not the time to sit back and quit. Now is the time to buckle down and fight. Sometimes, we sacrifice our momentary desires on the altar of destiny."

"You should be governor," Jim says.

"Four years after you," David says.

"Eight," Jim replies.

"So that means you're running?" David asks.

"I promise you'll be the first to know the decision," Jim says.