Peter Parros and Tika Sumpter

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At the courthouse, Candace sneaks into Jim's empty office and takes a seat at his desk. The door opens—but it's not Jim. David is here with a deal. He will give Candace a "scholarship" with four quarterly payments of $25,000 each, provided Candace signs a confidentiality agreement—and never sees Jim again. He also demands that Candace end her friendship with Jim's daughter, Amanda.

Candace rejects the deal. "You must not understand," she says. "You're not in control here."

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"Young lady, it was clear to me you are used to dealing with a street-level common criminal," he says. "This is rarefied air. Be careful."

Candace restates her demands. "I want $100,000 cash today, or I will have to do a sit-down interview with Rose on the 5 o'clock news, and his hopes for governor are out the window," she says. "And don't forget my convertible."