Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

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Upstairs, Wyatt is fuming, and Jeffery doesn't understand why. "You walk around wearing rose-colored glasses," Wyatt says. "He is so selfish."

"Don't you think it's selfish that you don't want to stand with your father?" Jeffery asks.

Wyatt is incredulous. "My father is no choir boy. My sister can't handle any pressure. My mother lives in a fantasy," he says.

Jeffery says he thinks Wyatt is overreacting.

"You think I'm overreacting? Well, let's see how everybody reacts when they find out that my father is sleeping with Candace," Wyatt says.

Wyatt explains to Jeffery that he saw them go into the study together. "You do not level those kinds of allegations without some proof," Jeffery says.

"You want proof? Okay, I'm good at getting proof," Wyatt says. "Like the proof I have about you."

"What are you talking about?" Jeffery asks.

"Don't worry about it," Wyatt says. "It's my Get Out of Jail Free card. I'll use it when I need it."