John Schneider as Jim Cryer

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In the kitchen, Katheryn gets an update from Jeffery on Wyatt's progress. "He's been clean for 47 days, but he is still very agitated with having to deal with the real world," Jeffery says.

Katheryn asks if Jeffery will be staying all weekend. He says he is. "That's the only way he could be let out."

Just then, Jim comes home—and Wyatt, still naked, comes down the stairs. "Put your damn clothes on now!" he says. "Jeffery, am I going to have to talk to your father about this? Are you helping him at all?"

Jim and Wyatt begin to argue, and Katheryn urges them to calm down. Then, Jim and Katheryn's daughter, Amanda, enters—and she's brought a friend from law school. "Everybody, this is a good friend of mine," she says. "This is Candace."

Jim and Candace look at each other, shocked. "Nice to meet you," Candace says.

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