Gavin Houston as Jeffery Harrington and Aaron O'Connell as Wyatt Cryer

Photo: Charles Bergmann

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Katheryn and Veronica's conversation is interrupted as their sons, Wyatt and Jeffery, arrive. Katheryn's son, Wyatt, is a patient in Veronica's facility. Jeffery, Veronica's son, is his rehabilitation counselor, who can't leave Wyatt's side during this phase of treatment.

Wyatt excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but Veronica reminds him that Jeffery must go with him. In protest, Wyatt strips off all of his clothes. "You see I got nothing," Wyatt says.

Wyatt goes to his room, where he surprises Celine and Hanna. Jeffery rushes in after him.

"He's on his third stint of rehab," Celine confides to Hanna. "Do you know that my son was working here for a little bit last year, and Wyatt tried to get him to buy drugs for him? Watch him. He's a snake."