John Schneider as Jim Cryer

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The party ends, and Veronica has some parting advice for Katheryn. "I'm not so sure about that girl," she says. "Watch her."

With the guests gone, Jim and Katheryn head upstairs. Katheryn confronts Jim about why he's acting strangely. "What's her name?" Katheryn asks.

"Okay. You caught me. Her name is Amanda. Perhaps you met her; she's our daughter. She cuts herself," he says. "Then there is Wyatt, our son. He's in rehab."

"I've got that," Katheryn says. "We do have a lot to be thankful for. That's what we should be thankful for. Let's hope they'll find their way."

"Whatever we have to be thankful for, do me a favor," Jim says. "Put it on a sticky note so I'll notice it."