Quincy Jr. Falls Gravely Ill

Season 3 Episode 305
Aired on 02/03/2016 | CC tv-14
Quincy Jr. is still running a high fever and needs to see a doctor immediately. Although she doesn't have enough money to cover the cab fare, Hanna gets in the taxi with her grandson in the hope that the driver will find the kindness to help them out of their predicament.

"Listen, I only have $9," Hanna tells the driver on their way to the hospital.

"Then I have to let you out," he responds coldly. Hanna pleads with him to do the right thing and help them get to the hospital for the sake of the child. Unmoved, the driver pulls over and asks them to get out.

Hanna and Quincy Jr. have no choice but to take the bus to the hospital. As they wait for the next bus to arrive, the boy loses consciousness, sending Hanna into a desperate panic.

Why is Quincy Jr.'s health deteriorating? And, will he survive long enough to get medical attention?

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