Officer Justin's Jealousy Leads to a Murderous Threat

Season 5 Episode 517
CC | tv-14
Jeffery is lying in bed after a moment of weakness with Justin when his cell phone rings. It's Wyatt, and he's spiraling out of control. While Jeffery attempts to calm his suicidal friend down, he has no idea that, beside him, Justin is listening to every word.

After the call abruptly ends, Justin confronts his lover. "What's it going to take for you to stop talking to him?" he says.

Jeffery levels with Justin and tells him that he has to go see Wyatt. Justin says that he's coming along. When Jeffery says no, Justin insists on being there—whether Jeffery likes it or not.

"See? This is why we'll never work out," Jeffery says, exasperated.

"Oh, no, we're going to work out," Justin says firmly.

Turned off by Justin's constant threats and controlling demands, Jeffery tries to get out of bed—but Justin stops him. "All right, let me tell you something," Justin says darkly. "Before I let him have you, I'll kill both of you. All three of us, for that matter."

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