Officer Justin Abuses His Power over Jeffery

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 03/01/2016 | CC tv-14
Officer Justin escorts Jeffery—who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time—into Candace's house after arresting Quita for breaking and entering. The officer makes himself at home and starts to bully Jeffery around once again.

He orders Jeffery to bring him a glass of wine while he waits for Candace to return home, intending to question her about the break-in. Jeffery is on edge, as Justin has made unsolicited advances toward him in the past, and he asks the cop to leave immediately.

Justin makes to go, but before he reaches the door, he lets Jeffery know that he's onto him and Candace. Justin tells Jeffery that Quita, who was searching for her missing brother, Quincy, told another officer that she had no idea why Jeffery had her car—and they found blood in it. "You know what the woman across the street said?" Justin tells Jeffery. "Three men came into this house, and only two went out."

Justin makes the situation clear for Jeffery: "If I walk out that door, I'll go into investigation mode. Is that what you want?"

Jeffery, afraid of what Justin might find if he opens an investigation, submits to the officer and wearily heads to the kitchen to look for a bottle of wine.

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