Mitch Meets Hanna and Derrick at the Hospital

Season 5 Episode 534
Aired on 01/08/2019 | CC tv-14
After learning Hanna kicked Benny out, Mitch tried to warn Hanna that Benny was in danger and begged her to let him back into the house. Unfortunately, Hanna was too late and found her son slumped over on the porch with a gunshot wound.

Knowing that his menacing family had their sights on Benny, Mitch rushes over to the hospital to check on him. Upon his arrival, Mitch is met by a worried Hanna and Derrick. However, Hanna isn't too happy to see Mitch and begins questioning him.

"Why'd you call me?" Hanna asks immediately.

As Mitch struggles to find the words, Hanna grows frustrated. "Speak up, Mitchell!"

"I knew somebody was after him," Mitch admits.


"My family," Mitch answers. "They were after him."

Hannah begins to put the pieces together. "Because of that damn money about that damn truck."

Mitch confirms that the money Benny owed his family was one of the reasons why they were after him and tells Hanna that they also thought Benny was the one who attacked his Uncle Vinny.

"Well Benny didn't even do that," Hanna says.

"I know," Mitchell replies. "And I tried to tell them that—"

"And they shot him anyway," Hanna cuts in.

Mitch apologizes to Hanna and tells her that he is going to talk to his grandmother to straighten everything out which only adds fuel to the fire. Hanna finally asks Mitch to leave the hospital, but Mitch refuses to leave without making sure Benny is okay.

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