Mitch Delivers Troubling News to Benny

Season 5 Episode 538
Aired on 02/05/2019 | CC tv-14
Mitch was shocked when his uncle Vinny revealed that the millions of dollars that Benny is holding in his account actually belongs to the Cryers. After a conversation with Candace confirmed his uncle's intel, Mitch pays another visit to Benny.

"Let me ask you about something," Mitch says.

"What?" Benny replies.

"You got a little bit of money from Cryer?" Mitch asks.

Benny shrugs and puts his head down. "What do you know about it?"

"Well you know," Mitch pauses. "Just my family ties. You know? Heard about this eight million, heard you got it."

"Yeah I got it, so what?" Benny responds.

"So that's what happened to you," Mitch says.

Benny looks puzzled. "What?"

"Cryer put somebody on you," Mitch answers.

"No, no. Be direct. What are you saying?" Benny replies, raising his voice.

"I'm telling you that it was Cryer," Mitch tells him. "It wasn't my family."

As Benny takes the news in, Mitch lets Benny know that this attack was only a warning and urges him to give the money back.

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