Melissa Watches Veronica Burn

Season 5
Aired on 01/16/2018 | CC tv-14
Melissa has pulled herself out of the burning wreck of Veronica's SUV after their violent accident, but Veronica is still pinned inside.

"I smell gas! Melissa!" Veronica screams in terror. "Help me!"

"Yeah?" Melissa says with a smile. "Go ahead and scream. No one can hear you. You wanted to take the scenic route, remember? Didn't want to be seen in my car."

Veronica panics, pleading for help, but Melissa is unmoved. "Look at you, scared," she says, laughing. "You know my daddy's dead, and you didn't care, did you? Now it's your turn, and Jeffery's going to dance on your grave. He hates you like I do."

Veronica struggles to free herself but is overpowered by smoke filling her lungs. While Melissa gleefully prepares to watch Veronica die, a second car drives by and spots the wreckage. Will an unlikely hero save Veronica in time?

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