Melissa Makes Demands

Season 2
Aired on 07/21/2015 | CC tv-14
After taking a test to prove that she's pregnant, Melissa tells Jeffery that everything is going to be okay. She desperately needs his mother to pay for her father's medical bills, and having Jeffery's baby is part of Veronica's deal. "We can be together," she tells him. "Listen, I know you're gay. I won't say anything. I just need her to help my parents. Please."

Melissa may be fine with living a lie, but Jeffery isn't. "You're not having this kid," he tells her. "Melissa, I don't want to be a father."

Hearing that Jeffery wants her to get an abortion, Melissa finally snaps. One way or another, she is going to get the money she needs for her family.

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