Melissa Jumps from Hanna's Rooftop

Season 5 Episode 522
CC | tv-14
Following a long day with Benny at the police station, Hanna returns home and is confused to find Veronica walking up to her place. The feeling is mutual, as Veronica is taken aback to discover that Hanna lives there. Veronica tells Hanna that she is in search of Melissa and has a court order to have her sanity evaluated.

When Hanna tells Veronica that she is unsure of where Melissa is, the wily lawyer persists. "We can check the premises, Miss Hanna. So, go on in there and get her," Veronica says condescendingly. "You don't want us in there messing up your dime store furniture, now do you?"

Reluctantly, Hanna calls for Melissa to come down. When Melissa opens the door, she is shocked to see Veronica waiting outside. Veronica tells Melissa that she brought a doctor to get her some help.

"I don't need any help," Melissa says.

"Yes, you do, honey," Veronica says softly. "You tried to harm yourself and my grandbaby."

Melissa isn't convinced by Veronica's feigned concern and refuses to leave with her. "I'm not going anywhere with you," Melissa yells. "You ruined my life!" With that, she slams the door.

Veronica intends to go after her, but Hanna stands in her way in an attempt to protect the young woman from Veronica's malign intentions. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Melissa yelling from the rooftop. "You ruined my life!" she shouts down at Veronica. "I'm tired of you, bitch! I'm sick of you!"

Veronica and Hanna loudly plead with her not to do anything drastic, but Melissa is determined. Closing her eyes, arms outstretched, she leans forward and plunges out into midair.

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