Maggie's Startling Confession

Season 2 Episode 224
Aired on 09/15/2015 | CC tv-14
Maggie shows up uninvited at Veronica's house to tell her—in vivid detail—how strongly she feels about David, and how frustrated she is that he won't forsake his scheming wife.

A visibly shaken Veronica orders Maggie to leave. Maggie says she will, but first she wants Veronica to know something: She didn't sleep with David.

"He stopped. He said that no matter how angry he was with you, that he couldn't because he loved you so much," Maggie says.

Before making her exit, Maggie fires a parting shot, warning Veronica that she will get her chance with David if Veronica continues to be so vindictive and keeps pushing him away.

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