Landon Tries to Warn Charles

Season 4 Episode 417
Aired on 08/01/2017 | CC
Landon walks into Charles' hotel room to see Candace in his bed. As his political adviser, Landon knows he has to warn the senator about Candace's seedy past in private.

He pulls up an escort-service website and shows Charles pictures of Candace. To his surprise, Charles has already seen the photos. What's even more shocking, is what he wants Landon to do next.

"Clean that up," Charles instructs Landon. "Her image. Everything you can do, do it."

Landon strongly cautions his boss that he's making a big mistake getting involved with Candace, but Charles brushes him off. "I may want to ask her to my inauguration," he says.

Landon, in disbelief, agrees to help hide the skeletons in Candace's closet. But as soon as Landon leaves the room, he makes a phone call to ensure that Candace is out of Charles' life for good.

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