Landon Has Eyes for Charles

Season 5 Episode 503
Aired on 01/23/2018 | CC tv-14
After a long day on the campaign trail, Charles invites Landon back to his hotel room for a private nightcap. The campaign adviser is surprised that the presidential candidate wants to spend the evening with him when clearly there are female staffers he could be with instead.

"These staffers love you, " Landon tells Charles. "They're all over you. You're like the prince of America. They all want to be the first lady."

"Well, I'm not into any of them," Charles says.

"None of them?"

"No. I don't like to mix business with pleasure."

The wheels are turning in Landon's head now, and he decides to take a big risk. Choosing his words carefully, he slips Charles a subtle invitation. "It could be okay if it were with a person who was as responsible as you and who had as much to lose as you," he says. "And who could keep your secrets."

Will Charles pick up on Landon's suggestive proposition?

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