Katheryn to Hanna: "I Won't Let You Leave"

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 03/01/2016 | CC tv-14
Katheryn returns home to find the house turned upside down and Hanna waiting for her in the kitchen. Hanna explains that after days of partying, Wyatt has wrecked the Cryer mansion and is freewheeling on his newly acquired inheritance.

Hanna confronts Katheryn, her onetime friend and current employer, about the hit-and-run that she and Jim covered up. Wyatt came clean to Hanna and admitted that he was the driver responsible for the death of a young girl and for nearly killing Benny as well.

Now, Hanna is ready to sever ties with Katheryn over her egregious lie. She quits her position as the Cryers' housekeeper, but Katheryn can't accept that. She pleads with Hanna to stay and explains that she was only trying to protect her son.

"Wyatt is in trouble. I need you, please," Katheryn says.

Still, Hanna won't be swayed. She asks Katheryn for her paycheck that she so desperately needs. But Katheryn has another card to play. She won't give Hanna an advance on her wages; Hanna must stay on through the end of the month if she wants to collect it.

"You have work to do," Katheryn says in parting, leaving Hanna in a state of barely contained rage.

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