Katheryn Is Determined to Bring Candace Down

Season 5 Episode 534
Aired on 01/08/2019 | CC tv-14
Katheryn is on a mission to put an end to the prostitution ring Candace is running in her hotel, but not without having some fun first. After Broderick's blackmail attempt failed, Katheryn turned the tables on him and showed him what she's really made of. However, Katheryn is only getting started. Katheryn asks Broderick for all the information he has on Candace and he tells her to talk to Rocky.

Broderick informs Katheryn about Candace's connections to Rocky and she orders Broderick to call Rocky up to their room. When Rocky arrives, he is surprised by who he sees. Katheryn demands answers from Rocky and when he doesn't deliver, she threatens him. "I'll have you arrested," Katheryn smiles menacingly.

"Well, look— look, none of this was my idea," Rocky stutters.

"Then whose was it?"

Rocky names Candace as the mind behind the prostitution ring and Katheryn shows Rocky that she knows more about Candace than he thinks. "I heard she put quite a beating on you," Hanna says to Rocky.

"Yea, she did," Rocky replies shamefully.

"Well, don't you want to get even with her?" Katheryn asks.

"And how would I do that?"

"By going to the police," Katheryn answers sternly.

However, Rocky is not to keen on getting the police involved. "No, because I could get in a lot of trouble."

"Not if you lay it on her," Kathern replies.


Katheryn cuts in. "Don't tell me you have loyalty to that whore."

Rocky claims that he is not loyal to Candace, but simply wants to avoid getting into trouble. Unfortunately, Rocky quickly realizes that his answers aren't cutting it for Katheryn. Katheryn then orders Rocky to join her and Broderick for the night.

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