Katheryn Delivers the Perfect Threat

Season 4 Episode 422
Aired on 09/05/2017 | CC tv-14
As a last resort to try and save his crumbling marriage, Jim tries seducing Katheryn. He may have been successful at getting her into bed, but Katheryn proves she's no fool.

"You thought I'd fall for it," Katheryn scoffs. "You thought I'd just let you walk right in here, have sex with me and all would be forgiven. Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Jim denies that he had any ill intentions, which only angers Katheryn. After years of deceit, she's finally fed up with her lying, cheating husband.

"Then tell me something, Katheryn," Jim implores. "Why the hell did you participate?"

Watch as Katheryn stares into Jim's eyes and delivers a stone-cold threat.

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