Katheryn Brings Herself to Visit Her Son in the Hospital

Season 3 Episode 321
Aired on 08/23/2016 | CC tv-14
Katheryn had avoided visiting Wyatt in the hospital because she knew her heart couldn't take seeing her son in a coma. After hearing he's getting better, she finally feels ready to see him. As she speaks to her son, a nurse walks into the room. "Is my baby going to be okay?" Katheryn asks the nurse.

"Oh, he is," she replies, and then updates Katheryn on his condition. "He's doing really well. We're keeping him heavily medicated. His seizures have subsided quite a bit. Every day, he gets better. He's lucky."

After the nurse leaves Katheryn alone with her son, she can finally have a heart-to-heart with her only living child. "You are lucky," she tells him. "That's why I named you Wyatt—my lucky wild, wild West baby boy that went into labor early, in Wyoming, on a ski trip. You came out fighting, and you're still fighting. You have to do everything on your own terms, even your entry into this world."

Although Wyatt is asleep, Katheryn knows her son can hear her, so she speaks from her heart. "I wasn't holding your inheritance to hurt you," she explains. "I was holding it to keep you from hurting yourself. I love you. All I ever wanted was to love you, and for you to love me."

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