Katheryn and Candace Face Off

Season 5 Episode 530
Aired on 10/16/2018 | CC tv-14
As Katheryn is leaving a hookup with Broderick, she runs into Candace at the elevator, and neither is pleased to see the other. Right away, Katheryn wants to know what Candace is doing in her hotel. "Uh, it's a hotel," Candace says, stonewalling. "What else do people do in hotels?"

"Well, prostitutes have a reason for being here," Katheryn says.

Katheryn continues to probe, but Candace doesn't break. As the two go back and forth, Katheryn attempts to pull rank. "I will have you thrown out," she tells Candace.

"And I will sue you for harassment," Candace counters. "And racism."

Amused, Katheryn lets out a hearty laugh and informs Candace that she's aware of the prostitution ring that she's running in the hotel. As their catty confrontation continues to escalate, Candace tells Katheryn that she's moved on to blackmailing her clients. "Yes," Katheryn says. "I'm married to one of your biggest schemes."

"Yeah, I know," Candace replies. "So sad and easy. I mean, the first and second time was like taking candy from a...Wyatt."

Candace mentioning Wyatt seems to strike a nerve in Katheryn, and although she remains collected, she won't let Candace get away with what she's doing for long. "Play this game," she tells her.

"I will," Candace retorts.

"Play it well," Katheryn replies.

"I do."

"It's just a matter of time."

"I'll be waiting."

The two formidable women stare each other down for a long, tense moment, neither breaking or showing any weakness. Finally, Candace smiles and takes her leave—but it's clear that this is far from over.

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