Justin to Jeffery: "If I Can't Have You, No One Will"

Season 5 Episode 518
CC | tv-14
After Wyatt confesses to Jeffery about the murder he committed, Jeffery is prepared to send him back to rehab. Feeling betrayed, Wyatt tells Jeffery to "go to hell."

Things only get worse for Jeffery when Justin shows up and barges in on Wyatt and Jeffery's confrontation. After Wyatt is taken away, Jeffery demands that Justin stop following him and sternly tells him to go home.
"My home is wherever you are," Justin says with quiet menace.

When Jeffery starts to protest, Justin pulls two pistols from his waistband, pointing one at his lover's temple and the other at his own. "If I can't have you," Justin says, "no one will."

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