Justin Pays an Unexpected Visit to Wyatt in Rehab

Season 5 Episode 521
CC | tv-14
Justin visits Wyatt in rehab as part of his sinister plan to get the Cryer scion out of Jeffery's life for good. Knowing that Wyatt told Jeffery he was going to end his life, Justin tells Wyatt that he wants to help him do that. Wyatt tells Justin to leave, but Justin came bearing one of Wyatt's worst vices: heroin.

"I'm not doing that," Wyatt says, trying not to stare at the little plastic baggie in Justin's hand. "Don't do this to me."

"Why?" Justin says. "You're doing things to me."

"What the hell am I doing to you?"

"Keeping Jeffery from me."

Even though he knows that Wyatt has no romantic feelings for Jeffery, Justin is determined to get rid of his perceived rival and continues to taunt the inmate with the drugs—aware that Wyatt is just starting to enter the worst of his withdrawal.

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