Justin Crashes Madison and Jeffery's Lunch Date

Season 5 Episode 530
Aired on 10/16/2018 | CC tv-14
Nurse Madison invites Jeffery to lunch in the hospital cafeteria when he spots Jeffery going to check on David. During their meal, Madison musters up the courage to ask Jeffery to go to a movie with him. However, Jeffery's hesitant response leads Madison to think that Jeffery is unavailable. "Is it your investigation?" Madison asks him.

"My what?" Jeffery replies, confused.

"The officer said that you are under investigation," Madison says, referring to Justin. "It's none of my business, but you know."

Jeffery denies being under any sort of investigation, leaving Madison puzzled. Then, it dawns on Madison that Justin was lying. "Is he with you?" Madison asks Jeffery.

"What do you mean?" Jeffery replies.

"Is he, like, your lover?" Madison says. "You two together?"

Jeffery hems and haws, making it clear that the relationship is complicated. Then, as Madison informs him that Justin has been asking a lot of questions about him, the nurse spots the officer entering the cafeteria and walking over to where they're sitting.

Justin silently pulls up a chair next to Madison and proceeds to stare daggers at him. Finally, Justin says, "I've been calling you." Jeffery attempts to answer, but Justin cuts him off. "Not you," he tells Jeffery, raising his voice.

Calmly, Madison checks his phone and sees numerous missed calls from a number he doesn't recognize. Madison explains to Justin that he doesn't answer phone calls from unknown numbers, but Justin has already moved on. "What are we chatting about?" Justin asks, still staring menacingly at Madison.

Madison explains that he and Jeffery were merely discussing David's recovery. Jeffery takes that as his cue to leave and go check on his father. Jeffery expects Justin to come with him—but Justin is fixated on Madison.

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