Jim Throws Out Wyatt's Drugs and All Hell Breaks Loose

Season 5 Episode 511
CC | tv-14
Wyatt walks into his apartment and is annoyed to see his mother and father waiting for him inside. Katheryn and Jim want to talk about his impending deposition against them, but Wyatt wants nothing to do with his parents. Jim stands up to and talk some sense into his son, but feels something suspicious when he touches Wyatt's jacket. Reaching into the pocket, he pulls out a bag full of drugs.

Jim is fed up with his son's addiction—and like the other problems in his life, decides to make it go away. He takes the drugs over to Wyatt's kitchen sink and grabs a knife to cut open the bag. Wyatt tries to wrestle the knife out of Jim's hands as Katheryn pleads with her son. Overcome with rage, Wyatt responds with a backhand that sends his mother flying across the floor. Jim is in shock as he pushes his son aside to run and help Katheryn off the floor.

For a brief second, Wyatt seems stunned by his own violent actions—but his anger takes over once again. Seeing only red, he grabs a glass bottle and breaks it across his father's face. As Jim and Katheryn lay helpless on the floor, Wyatt searches for another weapon. To their horror, he grabs a heavy stone statue and raises it high above his head. Will he send it crashing down on his parents?

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