Jim Questions Wyatt About What Happened with Officer Justin

Season 5 Episode 529
Aired on 10/09/2018 | CC tv-14
When Jim walks into the interrogation room and sees Officer Justin standing over Wyatt, he is floored. After sending Justin out, Jim immediately questions Wyatt about what was happening. "What did it look like?" Wyatt counters.

"It looked like my son was about to perform an indecent act under duress," Jim answers.

Wyatt then confirms that his father is right, but Jim is focused on determining whether Wyatt was being forced to do something he didn't want to do. "Son, listen to me. If you're into that, that's fine with me," he begins. "The important words here are 'under duress.' What were you doing?"

"Does that break your heart, Jim?" Wyatt asks. "That I was going to do it?"

"No, it does not break my heart, son. Are you into that?" Jim replies. "Why were you doing what you were doing under duress? If you're not into that, why would you do it?"

"Because I'm a drug addict! Don't you know that?" Wyatt exclaims.

"That's what breaks my heart, son," Jim replies.

Jim explains to his son that he only wants to help him, but Wyatt doesn't seem to want his father's help. As their conversation continues, Wyatt tells Jim that he's to blame for his drug problems and that he believes that Jim taking his drugs away is the reason why he ended up in the situation with Justin. Jim explains that Wyatt didn't have to agree to Justin's proposal, and reveals that he had a plan.

"Well, next time let me know what the plan is," Wyatt says. "But he had it in his pocket, he offered it to me, and I need it. Now."

"You tell me the truth," Jim says. "Did that officer have heroin in his pocket, and he was going to trade it for sex?"

"Yes, idiot," Wyatt says in disgust.

"That's all I needed to know," Jim says, giving his son a kiss on the forehead before exiting the room to take care of business.

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