Jim Helps Wyatt Cover Up a Murder

Season 5 Episode 515
CC | tv-14
Wyatt has just finished cleaning up his crime scene when his father suddenly comes barrelling through door. He's ready to give Wyatt hell, but stops short when he sees a man lying on the bar floor, facedown in a pool full of blood.

"Did you do that?" Jim asks.

"He was beating me, Dad," Wyatt answers.

Wyatt is ready to flee the scene and urges Jim to leave, who shrugs his child off and tells him to shut up so he can think. He begins wiping down fingerprints and knocking over bottles to stage a robbery scene. Frustrated, Wyatt tells his father he already did all of that. Sure that Wyatt has missed something, Jim picks up the man's wallet.

"Dammit," Jim says when he sees the man's driver's license. "This is a Malone. That doesn't mean anything to you?"

"No, let's go," Wyatt says impatiently.

"It damn sure is going to mean something to you," Jim promises.

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