Jim Encourages War to Kill Candy: "Do Us Both a Favor"

Season 3 Episode 319
Aired on 08/09/2016 | CC
When war gets framed with drugs in his car and pulled over by cops, he gets arrested and thrown in a jail cell that happens to be adjacent to Jim Cryer's cell. Amused by this twist of fate, Jim begins to taunt War for working with Candace against him in the past rather than with Jim.

"I gave you chance after chance to help me before that bitch extorted 7.4 million dollars from me," Jim tells War.

When War hears how much money Candace extorted from Jim, he loses his cool, realizing that she lied to him twice about sum total she got from him. War begins to angrily yell and act out muttering over and over again to himself that this time he's going to kill her.

"You done with your little tirade?" Jim asks War.

"No," he answers. "You wait 'til I get my hands on that bitch. She is dead!" he yells.

Jim isn't surprised at all that Candace lied to War explaining, "Of course she lied to you, she thinks she's the smartest person in any room she's in; That's what she does," before encouraging War to do her in. "Do us both a favor," Jim says to him.

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