Jeffery to Officer Justin: "I Think We Can Help Each Other Out"

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 06/21/2016 | CC tv-14
Jeffery was drowning his sorrows in an alcoholic beverage when a woman he had never met before came on to him. After he refused her advances, the stranger belligerently threw her drink in Jeffery's face. Jeffery was understandably angry, and the tipsy woman's friends led her away—but not before giving him a piece of their minds and calling him rude.

Before she could make her exit, however, the offending woman overhears that Jeffery's last name is Harrington and soon realizes that she is the judge who will be presiding over his mother's case. As such, she isn't allowed to have any communication with him in order to retain the integrity of the criminal case.

Just then, Officer Justin enters the bar and it's revealed that he's married to the judge who just hit on Jeffery moments ago!

For the first time, Jeffery decides to play the game the way his mother and Candace do, and to manipulate Officer Justin for his own benefit. He tells the cop to meet him in his hotel room, and Justin follows through, though he's not sure why he has complied.

In the hotel room, the officer lashes out at Jeffery—and not for the first time—demanding to know why Jeffery asked him to meet. He even threatens to make Jeffery "disappear" in a violent outburst. "It's just you and me in here," Jeffery reminds him. "Who is all this machismo for?" asks Jeffery. "I just want to talk and drink."

After assuring Justin that he has no interest in his wife, the judge, Jeffery lays into Justin, telling the aggressive police officer what he really thinks of him. "I think you're a creep who hides behind a badge. I think you are disgusting. You wear cheap aftershave and you need to learn how to manscape," Jeffery tells him matter-of-factly.

Then, Jeffery gets to the heart of the matter: "But here we are, Officer Justin," he says, knowing full well that the abusive cop is attracted to him. "I think we can help each other out."

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