Jeffery Has an Emotional Breakdown

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 06/21/2016 | CC tv-14
Candace and her partner in crime, Jeffery, need to think quickly if they want to avoid going to prison for murder. Candace is still stunned that Veronica somehow managed to find out about Quincy's murder, which Candace and Jeffery carried out. "I don't see how she would know about any of this," says Candace, quizzically.

"She was a litigator. She was one of the best at what she did," Jeffery tells her, before listing the other positions his mom was also "one of the best" at, including prosecutor and defense attorney.

Jeffery understands, maybe better than anyone, how sharp and manipulative his own mother can be, because he grew up witnessing her shrewdness firsthand. "She puts things together, Candace. Everything has meaning. Everything has meaning to her," he says. "If there's a blade of grass that's leaning too much to the left, she wants to know why it's not leaning to the right," he says, adding that until she gets the right answers, she'll never stop.

Realizing that both he and Candace are in hot water now that his mother is onto them, Jeffery begins to freak out over this mess they're in. He loses control, and all of his fears and frustrations come spilling out in front of Candace.

Angry at himself for being kinder and more compassionate than his mother, Jeffery begins to regret that he didn't inherit more of her nasty traits. "I wish I could be that cunning, that conniving, and as wicked as her—and you!" he says. "Then I would be one step ahead of all of you, and I wouldn't be in this damn position!"

Candace tries to calm Jeffery down—after all, they still need to come up with a plan to stay out of jail.

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